New Resources! Parent Leadership and Organizing for Justice: A Landscape Analysis and the Parent Power Map and Directory

Why Parent Leadership Evaluation

With access to high-quality leadership training and development, parents can become powerful advocates for greater opportunities for children, and the family becomes a vital constituency for improved child and community outcomes.

But, how do we know whether these initiatives are making a difference? And, what exactly is the “difference” they should be making? The Parent Leadership Indicator Framework answers these questions.

Who We Are

We are researchers / evaluators working collaboratively to develop novel, engaging, participatory, and culturally responsive ways to evaluate parent leadership development initiatives. This website will share evaluation tools as they are created and will serve as a hub for both quantitative and qualitative evaluation findings. 

An “indicator” is a measurable way of knowing what is happening in any given area of interest.

The Ripple Effect Graphic
The Ripple Effect Theory of Change