New Developments in Parent Leadership Evaluation

In addition to the Indicator Framework, we are developing tools and supports that will help make rigorous evaluation more feasible and relevant for PLIs. 

COFI parent leader and POWER-PAC Co-Chair, Rosazlia Grillier welcomes the then Governor and State's Attorney to COFI's office to sign a bill regulating payroll cards in Illinois
COFI parent leader and Co-President of POWER-PAC Illinois, Rosazlia Grillier welcomes the then Governor and State's Attorney to COFI's office to sign a bill regulating payroll cards in Illinois

Indicator Development

The indicator development process reflected a collaboration between evaluators, parent leaders, parent leadership initiative staff, funders, and other thought partners.

Developing the initial indicators: We started from the Theory of Change and drew on existing research and evaluation on parent leadership.

Gathering feedback and revising: We have revised the framework many times as parent leaders, PLI staff, funders, researchers, and evaluators have offered their ideas.

Online Survey Tools

In fall 2018, we launched the pilot of the Parent Leader Outcome Pre-Post Survey. This survey is aligned with the indicator framework and measures civic beliefs, knowledge, behaviors, social support, self-efficacy, experience with diversity, and perceptions of the initiatives' cultural responsiveness, attention to equity, sense of community, and opportunities for leadership. Many of these measures have been tested through evaluation efforts with the National Parent Leadership Institute (NPLI). Others come from scales that have been validated by other researchers. Some have been validated for the first time through this process. 

Download the Parent Leader Outcome Pre-Post Survey 2018-19 Results.

Please contact if you are interested in learning more about the survey. 

Pilot Parent Leadership Evaluation Network

Resource: What 7 Parent Leadership Initiatives Learned From Participatory Evaluation

We imagine a future where all PLIs will have the capacity to engage in and learn from evaluation; where a variety of audiences will have access to rigorous and meaningful data on the impact of parent leadership; and where PLIs will have the opportunity to learn from one another, evaluators, and others. Thus, we have formed our first (hopefully, of many!) cohort of a Parent Leadership Evaluation Network. This cohort consists of 7 PLIs (See "Our team and Partners" page for list), representing every region of the continental U.S. These organizations also vary by focus area (e.g. early childhood education, K-12 education, health, etc.), demographics of parent leaders, approach to change (e.g. community organizing vs. community engagement), and existing evaluation capacity. All 7 of the organizations had been previously engaged in the Parent Leadership Indicators Project to varying degrees and in varying capacities. 

Network members have access at no cost to training and technical assistance in evaluation led by Project Impact, an organization that helps non-profits to define and evaluate impact and improve programs and strategies based on evaluation data. This training supports PLIs with qualitative data collection. Our team learns from the Network about how to build ongoing supports for additional PLIs that wish to evaluate their work. 

PLIs at the March, 2018 PLEN Training
PLEN Convening, March 2018